I ATTENDED an open evening hosted by the local Extinction Revolution Group in the Park District Community Centre. There were four enthusiastic and knowledgeable ER members who gave excellent presentations demonstrating the urgency of actions to reverse climate change trends and the consequences of failing to control our planet’s climate.

There were only three members of the public making up their audience. Why was there such a pathetic turn out for this important meeting?

Is there a widespread public refusal to accept the consequences of “business as usual” policies?

Do people think that spending vast sums of money by the UK to help control our climate is futile when the UK generates only 1% of the planet’s total carbon dioxide emissions compared with 45 per cent for the USA and China combined; both these being countries supporting the increased use of fossil fuels for energy generation?

The annual emissions of carbon dioxide have risen by 60 per cent since the 1996 Kyoto Climate Change protocol which was intended to substantially reduce emissions. Doesn’t this show that these international agreements to save the climate have not, and will not, work?

Would it not be better to accept that the climate will catastrophically change and that money would be best spent developing the technology and lifestyles needed to survive in a significantly hotter and more threatening planet?

Geoff Kirby

College Lane