A DRAMATIC picture is the latest that we share from late Echo photographer Harry Green.

Here we can see cliff erosion at Overcombe, Weymouth.

It's thanks to Carole Dorran and her Bygone Days Facebook group that we can bring you this picture.

One commenter remembers seeing this building with timber shoring stopping it sliding down the bank.

It is thought that lots of clay and soil etc got tipped there at one time but got stopped by the council.

And it has been suggested that the exact location of this building that it was a seaward cottage of a terrace of old coastguard cottages that were slipping into the sea as the land eroded and the owner did all he could to protect his home without success. Another memory of the area: "It was always a horrible grey mess of a clay landslide to get from the car park down onto the beach the other side of the rocks long before they put in the new wall."