ICE-CREAM seller Nick Gutteridge's plans were 'frozen' by the borough council, the Echo reported nearly 25 years ago on January 11, 1995

Weymouth trader Mr Gutteridge applied to sell ice-creams in St Mary Street on two replica 1930s tricycles.

Members of the harbour and works committee decided that it would be unfair on the local businesses to allow the selling in the pedestrian precinct during the summer of 1995.

Committee chairwoman Councillor Tina Roebuck said: “The traders are paying a lot of uniform business rates and I think it would be extremely unfair for the existing businesses.”

Councillor Margaret Leicester, supporting the recommendation to turn the application for street trading down, added: “I feel our shop keepers are suffering at the moment. We have got to support them as much as we can and this would be another nail in the coffin for them.”

However, Councillor Harry Burden, supporting Mr Gutteridge’s application, urged members of the committee to allow him to trade in St Mary Street: “I just think this has got its merits,” he said.

Councillor Andy Hutchings, sharing the same sentiment, said: “I think this is quite a colourful thing. I think it is very good for Weymouth.”